Text and Email Marketing

At Txtreme we have come up with a really great way for you to send a text with a corresponding Email sent to your chosen recipient, saving you considerable time and money.

These are some popular ways you can put the Txtreme App to use.

Why use Text Messaging if you already have email and mobiles?

Many companies realise that while they may have already invested in many powerful communications technologies: Even with fixed phones, mobile phones, email, and voicemail, there is still a need for additional form of “contact”

For example, a typical scenario when trying to get hold of someone is to:

  • Call them at their desk phone. If they are not there, leave a voice mail.
  • Call them on their mobile, find that they can’t talk or, again, get voicemail and leave another voice message.
  • The recipient then receives an automatically generated Text message saying “Voice Mail has 1 new message”.
  • The recipient doesn’t know who the message is from or what it is about. They have to make a call to ring up and retrieve it.
  • Finally, send them an email to make sure that they get your message, though they may not read it for several hours or perhaps even days!
  • The recipient now has three different messages, all relating to the same item, but in no coherent structure.

This can be a very frustrating and expensive process; expensive, not only in terms of call costs but also of time wasted.

Read below to learn how the Txtreme App avoids this situation easily and effectively.

Instead of Mobile phone calls

The classic use of Text messaging is a much cheaper alternative to making a mobile or landline call. A Text message lets you reach someone instantly, reliably, and discreetly without the time and expense of a telephone call. You avoid the need for introductions, pleasantries, goodbyes and getting caught up in other topics of conversation. It allows you to be time-efficient without a rude, brusque call, or a rambling polite call. It is also provided at a fixed cost.

Another advantage of sending a text and corresponding Email rather than dialling from your desk phone is that it saves you the trouble of having to look up the recipient’s number and manually dialling. You can store and use their mobile number and Email address exactly like any other address. You can create a new address book entry quickly and easily. These addresses can then be further stored in groups for ease of bulk sending. You can compose the email to include your logo, add pictures and script in any format you wish by using the Email template on the Txtreme site. Alternatively, the system will automatically send out a copy of your text as an email if you do not wish to create your own version.

Text + Email instead of a Voice mail

Instead of leaving someone a voice message on their mobile or company voice mail system, send them a Text + Email. The Advantages of this are:

  • You can quickly and easily address a message to the recipients email and his mobile, since both addresses are stored in your address book together.
  • You have time to collect your thoughts and compose a concise message.
  • You have a permanent audit trail of what you sent, when, and to whom.
  • The recipient receives the first part the message instantly.
  • The recipient is instantly aware that you need to contact them, and on what subject.
  • The recipient is not interrupted at an inconvenient moment.
  • The recipient has a permanent written record in their email files which reminds them to act upon your Text message.
  • It simplifies and gives peace-of-mind to both sender and receiver, since the sender is confident that the recipient gets the message quickly and efficiently.
  • It substantially reduces the costs of leaving and retrieving mobile voice mails.

For Receptionists and PA’s

Using Text+ Email is a real bonus for Receptionists and PA’s. They often waste a lot of their time just locating key people.

Picture the scene: A visitor arrives at your premises. The receptionist sends a Text+ Email via the Txtreme App to the relevant staff member. Within minutes one of your staff comes to collect the visitor and shows them to the conference room where other staff members are assembled ready for the meeting. The visitor immediately gets a positive impression of your organisation.

PA’s also love the Txtreme App. It allows them to contact their managers, immediately and discreetly. e.g. “Mr Edwards just called for you. Could you call him back on 0203 326 1122”.

Scheduled messages

The Txtreme App also allows you to specify when a message is sent. You can use this feature to create a scheduled Text message. You might use this for something as simple as a birthday greeting, or as significant as a new product launch announcement.

Departmental and Company news flashes

There may be lots of occasions where you want to broadcast a department or company-wide newsflash.

A group Text is also a good way to celebrate a company or department success.

Use the Txtreme App to broadcast information on traffic jams, weather conditions etc. to office staff.

Keeping in touch with the family

Business life today puts a lot of pressure on family life. Text +Email allows them to contact you, without disturbing you, in the middle of meetings or while concentrating on getting other jobs done.

Joining Txtreme couldn’t be easier : The service is free to use

Step 1:

Go to Https://Txtreme.co.uk

Step 2:

Complete the simple registration process.

Step 3:

You then receive a confirmation Email message from us with an encrypted link to activate the account. Your account will be activated the first time you login. This allows you to use your free messages, upload your address book and ‘That’s It’

Once your account is active, you can use the service straightaway.

Our prices start from 5p (+VAT) per txt credit, (The corresponding Email is free) and there are discounts for purchasing larger blocks of messages. You can Top Up your account either by:

  • Credit / Debit card, or PayPal
  • Monthly invoicing (Corporate accounts only).

If you would some assistance with establishing the most suitable email for your purposes, to go out with your text messages, please contact us and we will work with you to ensure it is exactly right for you.