The Txtreme Application

The new online application offers a multitude of benefits including:

  • Single or bulk send – the ability to send several or many messages in one click
  • Scheduling – compose messages in advance as reminders for appointments
  • SMS tracking – facilities to check delivery confirmation
  • Two-way SMS messaging from a PC to mobile networks
  • Full audit trail – to monitor your usage

Txtreme’s SMS solution guarantees accurate, secure, traceable and acknowledged delivery of high volume, mission-critical text messages. Our Messaging product delivers to any audience, anytime, no matter how widely or remotely located.

  • Our system, combined with the reach of our partner networks, can help you transform the way you keep in touch with your team, your suppliers and your customers.

Business Benefits

An accurate, versatile, active and easily updated tool, text messaging has numerous business advantages.

    • As a discreet tool, incoming text alerts can be received silently in business environments when you would not wish to be disturbed. Additionally, as you are reading, rather than listening to the information, text messaging does not suffer from any form of distortion in a noisy environment. There is also the additional functionality of being able to save, or call telephone phone numbers sent in the body of the text message.
    • Text messaging also enables information to be sent to groups of people quickly – for example salesmen on the road receiving ‘offers of the day’ by text – making it a more cost-effective solution to disperse information than a telephone call.
    • In the same respect, jobs can be posted via text message to service engineers, roadside breakdown assistance vehicles or lorry drivers making collections and deliveries, whilst on the road. The added convenience of reply offered by text messaging enables a job’s current status and employee’s location to be clarified, enabling better job scheduling leading to improved customer relations and efficiency.
  • Finally, eliminating the temptation to chat, text messaging is an efficient way to conduct business. Additionally, it proves to be cost-effective when needing to stay in touch with colleagues travelling internationally.

Mobile Marketing

Consumers all over the world have come to rely on their mobile phone as an essential communications tool. They personalize it, take it everywhere they go, and many cannot imagine living without it. In fact, the total number of mobile subscribers worldwide is expected to reach in excess of 4.5 billion by 2012. This makes mobile marketing an essential medium that is fast becoming commonplace in any successful marketing plan.

Why mobile marketing

This effective medium enables any businesses to:

  • Increase sales with higher customer response rates.
  • Reduce marketing and even operating costs.
  • Reach more customers in a more effective way.

The cost-effective and virtually instantaneous nature of SMS makes it easy to see why businesses around the world have found that a well-planned mobile marketing campaign is a highly attractive option.

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Extend your market reach and increase your consumer base through SMS mobile marketing