What does SMS stand for?

Short Message Service. It is a standard feature of the GSM protocol (used by most mobile phone networks around the world), and allows messages of up to 160 characters to be sent to mobile phones.

Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

There are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits when you need more.

How long does message delivery take?

The average delivery time through our service is under 5 seconds!

What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

Standard SMS messages may be up to 160 characters.

How many mobile phone numbers can I send to in one ‘bulk send’ broadcast?

You can send as many messages as you like; as long as you have enough credits available. However, we suggest using our HTTP protocol forĀ  batches of 150,000 messages or less and our FTP protocol for batches over 150,000 messages.

Can I send messages abroad?

Yes you can. We provide coverage to over 500 networks in more than 200 countries worldwide. Please contact [email protected] for up-to-date routing information.

Do I get notified when my credits are low?

Yes. You automatically receive an email when less than 50 credits remain. You can change this to a higher or lower number if you wish.

What is a from-id?

The from-id is the originating number (or alpha string) that appears on the recipients phone. It can be either a full phone number, or an alpha string of up to 11 characters. For example, it could be your mobile/office number, your company name or website address.

What format should mobile numbers be in?

Ideally mobile numbers should be in the ‘local’ format. For example; 07xxxxxxxxx. There should be no spaces or other symbols within numbers.