Txtreme Developer API

SMS Interface – Version 1.3

Txtreme Developer API - SMS Interface - Version 1.3
Txtreme Developer API - SMS Interface - Diagram

Send text messages (SMS) directly and from your own application seemlessly by using the Txtreme Developer API (Application Programming Interface). Using our API, virtually any application can be setup to send text messages, with minimal programming, using almost any technology be it a Website, Smartphone/Tablet APP (iOS / Android / WIndows) or PC / Server / Cloud office based system. You can send text messages to any of your contacts whether or not they exist in one of your Txtreme Account addressbooks.

Txtreme Developer API – How it works

Txtreme Developer API - Client API Key

In order to use the Developer API you will need;

This Client API key along with it’s password is passed in an API call to the Txtreme Developer API system to perform whatever function you choose.

Once you have setup the above (Account/User/Key), you can

You can have any number of API keys, which you can use individually for different purposes or allocate to different individuals.

Each ClientAPI key setup has;

  • Description
  • Access password
  • Security level (which governs which functions can be used)
  • Domain / email (optionally allows restriction of use from one website/source)
  • and optionally a usage quota (restricting the number of daily messages)

Txtreme Developer API – Flexibility is key

Txtreme Developer API - Calling Functions Languages

Our Developer API can be via a variety of methods

Languages include, for example using;

  • jQuery / AJAX
  • Visual Studio
  • Android / Java
  • iOS / Swift / Objective C
  • C# / C++

Supported protocols/methods

  • XLM
  • JSON
  • GET
  • POST

Interface flexibility (either directly or indirectly)

  • Smartphone APPs
  • PC / MAC Software
  • IOS / Android
  • Windows / XOS / Linux
  • Cloud based software
  • Older / 3rd party software
  • Spreadsheets
  • SQL Databases

Txtreme’s Revolutionary API On-screen Test facility and Documentation

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On screen function documentation with coding examples

Developer API Function Help

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