Text Messaging Revisited

Revisiting Text Messaging

Despite the abundance of apps and growing sophistication of smartphones, text messaging continues to offer one of the most universal, and reliable mobile interactions. In a mobile world of multiple devices, operating systems and service providers, messaging is the one common denominator through which all mobile devices communicate.

Recent surveys have shown that 96 percent of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, and despite periodic news reports speculating on the decline of messaging, this channel continues to be the silent workhorse of mobile and will continue to offer an unmatched foundation on which companies can anchor their mobile strategy. The Txtreme text-messaging solution enables the delivery of a simple text message, or more sophisticated Text plus a tailor-made Email, empowering companies to deliver a range of personalized, time-sensitive content, including reminders, notifications, sales promotions, public safety alerts, photos, videos and audio clips. Read more

5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Smart for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably no stranger to the vast array of digital resources at your disposal for connecting with current and prospective customers.Unquestionably, the advent of smartphones and tablets has delivered what are now the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal of many small businesses. Correspondingly, the value of SMS marketing has become equally as apparent.SMS, which stands for “short message service,” is regarded today as an indispensable resource within the mobile marketing ecosystem. And if you’re not yet tapping into this immensely valuable resource, there are (at least) 5 compelling reasons why you should get off the fence and into SMS marketing. Read more

SMS the new channel for customer support services

Many of us are now receiving a text from our banks informing us of our current balance etc. Pre-booked taxi’s text with their location, registration number, driver details, and ETA. If we book plane tickets we get a text confirmation. And our doctor’s send reminders so that we don’t forget an appointment the next day.

Why has everyone started sending us texts all of a sudden? Maybe it’s because, unlike emails, we read them all. Did you know that 90% percent of all SMS are read within three minutes of being received? And since over 85 % of the world adult population owns a mobile device, it is undoubtedly a very powerful communication tool. Read more