Text Beats Mobile Marketing Apps Hands Down

Smartphones are fast becoming the digital gateway for consumers, replacing desktops and laptops as the preferred way for people to get online. Consequently, there’s a lot of hype around smartphone apps as a mobile marketing tool for retailers. But the growing preference for smartphones doesn’t mean apps are the best choice for mobile marketing. In fact, the evidence shows that text messaging is a far more effective choice.

A retail marketing strategy built around apps is dependent on users downloading and using the app. But a recent study found that 65% of smartphone users don’t download a single app during a given month. And while it’s true that people spend a lot of time interacting with their installed apps, it turns out that most of that time is spent focused on the user’s favourite app – It was found that users spend 42% of their total app time focused on their most-used app, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Read more